Donor Screening 101

Donor screenings are based on information from published annual reports, IRS filings, required transaction information from publicly held companies, FEC donor information, home valuations, and other publicly accessible data.  As these information sources have grown in the internet age, a baseline blueprint for success has emerged to support implementation of screening results.  We have come to understand that the strongest predictors of giving are:


SO… how do you make sense of all of this?  What do you do first?

When we work with organizations, the first thing we tell them is to SLOW DOWN. There is a lot here and a lot to do.  Just like the Wizard of Oz – start at the beginning:

  1. Import all screening results to date into Raiser’s Edge Request import files for detailed giving elsewhere from your screening company
  2. Extract those screened back out from your database with additional known information for further staff and volunteer review (such as event attendance and volunteer history)
  3. Assign all individuals with the strongest giving elsewhere, and to you, to gift officers for immediate cultivation
  4. Screen all additional individuals in the database who have ever made a gift and/or reside in select wealthy zip codes

And know that it is a process.


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