I Believe

I had the opportunity to talk with a friend of mine from Camp Good Life Project, Stephen Warley of Life Skills that Matter, earlier this week.  During our discussion, he challenged me to take a step back and look at what I BELIEVE.

I love stuff like this, as anyone whom I’ve ever retreated with knows.  And it was a great challenge to take a sacred pause and look at what I’ve come to believe after 20 years of working with and in nonprofits.

This is my list TODAY (September 7, 2018) and I reserve the right to update, change, and grow as I spend more time working with amazing organizations doing incredible things.

What do you believe? 

I believe in kindness

I believe in generosity

I believe change is the only constant

I believe that people are doing the best they can

I believe that nonprofits are a democratizing force within a world in flux

I believe in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

I believe giving back changes the way we view ourselves in relationship to others

I believe the reason nonprofits struggle is because they do not always scale or plan

I believe that most fundraisers are not data people and most data people are not fundraisers

I believe that databases serve as mirrors to organizations

I believe that we need to pay nonprofit staff a living wage

I believe that without good information around their performance and potential funders, nonprofits will not survive

I believe that donors should be treated as heroes (because they ARE)

I believe that we cannot keep doing what we’ve always done in fundraising

I believe in quality of engagement over quantity of outreach

I believe that we have an obligation to be transparent with their donors about budget, expenditures, and challenges

I believe in flexibility and change

AND – most of all…

I believe in the power of ideas