Random Acts of Kindness

I love, love, love random acts of kindness.  Over the years, I have found that by doing something for someone else, I am able to significantly shift my perspective.  During my last birthday, I created this list and hope it might inspire you.

  • Paint rocks with happy phrases and hide them in the neighborhood
  • Leave thank you notes on teachers cars in the school parking lot
  • Right notes of thanks to regular health care providers
  • Hang out in the coffee shop and secretly leave gift cards on people’s computers
  • Donate food to the local soup kitchen
  • Write a letter to the principal about your kids teacher
  • Send your Mom Flowers
  • Leave cheerful notes in books at the library
  • Leave heads up pennies on the sidewalk
  • Make a care package for the bus driver
  • Put change in a vending machine
  • Go on a trash walk around neighborhood
  • Donate blood
  • Write a letter to your favorite high school teacher
  • Hide $ in the dollar store
  • Drop off craft supplies to children’s hospital
  • Send thank you notes to your work team
  • Put love notes in your family’s lunches

What else would you add?

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