About Erin Troia Crotty

My name is Erin and I speak data.

I am on a mission to change how companies and nonprofits think, use information, and implement systems and processes.

Over my twenty year career in fundraising and consulting, I have come to be called a Swiss army knife – versatile, flexible and indispensable.  

Today, I guide nonprofits and for profit companies through the project management and change maze as an organizational strategist (sometimes called a ninja) by making data, systems, and processes work FOR organizations in a way that makes sense to front line users, data folks, and  leaders so they can raise more money. 

I believe the best way to achieve that is to LISTEN (while looking at lots and lots of facts) to fully understand specific organizational objectives, current user challenges and opportunities.  After that, we can work together to create an actionable plan that helps your organization learn to fish and eventually build your own boat.
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Are you ready to get started?  WONDERFUL!  

Erin Troia is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes! She brings energy into her work as a fundraiser and has so much knowledge within the industry. Erin has a way of making fundraising easy and helps to create goals that will push you out of your comfort zone while leading to success. If you’re looking for innovative ideas, creativity and a true professional, Erin Troia is your person!
Madeline Plesac
Associate Director of Advancement, Alpha Chi Omega Foundation