About For Good Partnership

for good

To support the good work of philanthropy


in cooperation with those who serve the space.

Once upon a time, I was a recent college graduate and found myself working at the local United Way as an event planner.  I took the job because it was close to my parent’s home, the people seemed nice, AND (if I am being 100% honest) it was NOT the cutthroat NYC public relations position I’d jumped into shortly after receiving my degree.  

The pay was terrible.  
And the hours were long. 
BUT the work… the work was amazing.  

And that experience forever changed how I saw the world.  I realized that nonprofits held power to change lives.  Every day.   In big ways and small ways.   But to do that work, they needed resources.

As I meandered through my fundraising career – first in higher education followed by secondary ed, healthcare, and eventually consulting – I found myself drawn to the space behind the curtain.  From my perch out of the spotlight, I could help nonprofits raise more money.   And do great work.  And make a bigger impact.

Something that had always come naturally to me – the ability to organize and GET STUFF DONE – was something that could help nonprofits and companies who served the space really scale.  Really make a difference.

And the idea for For Good Partnership began.

I didn’t know how exactly I was going to do it, but I knew that I could do something.   Working with brilliant, dedicated professionals – we could feed and clothe and educate.  We could help people move from desperation to safety.  We could help them find pathways into learning and onward to self actualization. 

It took a while from that little seed to become an actual LLC.   Every experience – from my role as the Director of Marketing followed by the VP of analytics for a consulting firm, to becoming a salesforce administrator, to serving as the Chief Development Officer of my sorority’s foundation – helped me to understand what it feels like to dig in.  And do the work.  And help turn dreams into plans and plans into action and action into change. 

Today, I am honored to work with nonprofits and organizations who support them in a myriad of ways.  Sometimes I pop in for a quick projects.  And other times, I become a seamless part of the team during times of transition or change.  It always varies and that is just perfect. 

I would love to work with your organization – nonprofit or for – in a way that will benefit this important space.  


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