Database Analysis and Road Mapping

Your database is one of your most important assets..,

but does it work for you?  Do you feel confident and comfortable with its functionality?  Can you leverage your data for success?

Over the past twenty years, I have worked on almost every system imaginable – from home grown DOS based systems with command lines to modern technical wonders in the cloud.

What do all of them have in common? They are all cared for, despised by, entered into, and leveraged by humans.  What I have found is that nonprofits are not maximizing their investment or getting the most out of the tool that houses history, future predictions, and the singular job of making fundraising more successful.

The Swiss Army Knife Approach: Sharp, Flexible, and Multi-Faceted

Every organization is unique and each needs a different approach to making a shift in their database use and management.  There is NO one size fits all way to attack change, but over the years I have found a process that works. 

  • Audit the database, talk with users, review reports, and determine the gaps
  • Update one piece at a time in a thoughtful, methodical way
  • Document and train EVERYONE

Each step of my process is backed by proven methodology and best practices – while still leaving enough room to adjust to your organization’s culture and goals. 

I would welcome the opportunity to hear about what is working for you AND to come up with a project plan to help you succeed.