For Companies

What happens when you get stuck?

  • When a key team member moves on leaving nothing but an old plant behind on their desk?
  • When you just don't feel right about the latest reports you reviewed for the strategic plan?
  • When you need to scale up, but you know something is missing?

All of a sudden you are cruising along.  Things are good.  Your company has grown.  You have a real staff and are able to pay them – and give them bonuses!  You even have an office space and industry credibility.

But something happens — and you find yourself in a ditch you didn’t see coming.  You aren’t sleeping well and feel like you are spinning.  Maybe you don’t have the right people in the right seats on your bus.  Or you aren’t sure how to navigate change without losing your sense of culture and identity.  

No matter what… the bandaids have fallen off and it’s finally time. 

Time to try a new approach.

Internet of things - IOT via communication network service on mobile apps and smartphone and tablet technology for people in digital 4.0 lifestyle

You need a partner.  Someone who can come in and create order out of chaos.   Who can add extra arms to your team.  Figure out exactly what has broken in your processes and systems.  Look at your database.  Talk to your people.  Listen to what is not being said.  Quickly deep dive into your goals and aspirations. Understand what you are trying to do and what went wrong.  

And work with you – as a partner – to fix them.  For good.   

You need me.

So what exactly can you do for us?

All of For Good Partnership’s service lines are adjustable to fit the organization I am working with.  After spending 20 years in the nonprofit space – I get it.  I know what it feels like to choose nonprofit services as a practitioner and to deliver them as a consultant.   I offer three service areas to serve companies who serve nonprofits.  

I am also happy to customize a solution for your organization and culture.  The bottom line – let’s get you what you need NOW.
And let’s do it in a way that sticks.  

I would love the opportunity to talk with you and hear more about your organization, what you are trying to accomplish, and how I might help you better serve the nonprofit space.  Together let’s come up with the perfect plan to help you pivot into the future. 

Please feel free to schedule some time to chat.  I would love to connect.

Erin Troia and I have worked together on many different projects over the years. Her attention to detail, ability to please both a client and business partner and fundraising knowledge are just some of the qualities which set her apart from others in the industry.
Sarah Tedesco
Executive Vice President, DonorSearch