Prospect Management System Development

Create portfolio flow, manage the pipeline, and accurately report on growth

Where do you even start?  How do you adjust or fix a system that seems daunting?  What about the people piece? 

Prospect Management is an essential element to major gifts success.  After playing big and small roles in raising over $1 billion in fundraising I have seen one thing that completely changes the game – an efficient, thoughtful, targeted process for following individuals through their giving journey. 

The goal isn’t one and done. The goal of campaigns, and really any giving effort, is to acquire a highly engaged constituency who contribute to your organization enthusiastically, as a partner in your mission. Prospect Management does not have to be dry drudgery going through list after list. In fact, it can open up your internal conversations to creative growth in relationships. But to do that, you need a system.

Smoothing the cogs in the wheel to create seamless growth.

Prospect Management system development begins with a desire to change.  Just like that, your organization can take the first step toward a different, more thoughtful way of engaging donors toward bigger gifts. How does it work? 

  • Deep dive into the information - from spreadsheets to databases to strategic plans
  • Design a system on paper and create processes in the database
  • Training, adjustments and documentation

With every building step, it is critical that we test and explore the easy stuff – what fields we need to track information – and the hard stuff – how these changes impact staff.  The best Prospect Management systems are collaborative, flexible, and working in seamless order. 

No matter where you are in your growth plan, you are ready for a prospect management system to drive growth.