Strategic Donor Targeting

Using the data you have RIGHT NOW, target your donors accurately.

Are your supporters giving to your organization at the level you hope for? Are you spending hours before getting out every mailing painstakingly going through each name to determine an ask amount? 

Targeting donors for a potential gift is not new.  In fact, I would bet that your database has a slot JUST for that purpose.   By asking donors for a specific amount, and backing up those asks with impactful reasons for giving, you have the opportunity to shift the way donors see your organization and the great work they are contributing to every day.

Using a combination of art, science and heart, I work with the data you have on hand to determine appropriate target ask amounts for all levels of giving – from first time annual donors to long term planned giving supporters. 

Fundraising Rocket Fuel: Handle with Care

Not all organizations are alike.  And not all targeting can be done the same way.  To make sure I am handling your relationships with the upmost care, I focus on patterns within your data first, followed by giving elsewhere and any other information we can glean from your database – volunteerism, event participation, and willingness to engage with the organization overall.  The process is both collaborative and fast paced.  

  • Review your goals, available data and timelines
  • Extract your data and provide detailed targets for review
  • Finalize targets, import the data and create usage recommendations

As I lead you through each step, I will develop targets and a potential giving pyramid to inform a success pathway.  Deliverables include an import file with targets, a pyramid of giving to support your goals, and a detailed reference memorandum.

There is no wrong time to create a baseline and roadmap for giving.  Are you ready to get started?