Vision, Mission, & Values

For Good Partnership Vision

I believe nonprofit work is critical to communities and our country as a whole and we need the BEST people possible with the best tools to lead and support organizations that thrive.

For Good Partnership Mission

I help fundraisers, teams, organizations, and companies shift their perspectives and improve their skills through targeted services, one on one coaching, organizational workshops, and ongoing counsel.  I empower them with the tools to successfully create grow revenue and drive decisions.

For Good Partnership Values

Everyone is doing their best.

I believe in the assumption of positive intent.  That everyone is doing the best they can at any given moment (REALLY TRULY) and approach my work with individuals, groups, and organizations with that very critical perspective in mind. 

The Oxygen Mask principle.

I believe that each of us must first attend to our own needs BEFORE we go about helping others.  That with a solid grounding in who we are, what we want, and how we want to move through the world, we give our best to those around us.

Ruby slippers are real.

If you harken back to the Wizard of Oz, you will recall Glinda telling Dorothy that she had the power within her all along. My job is to help YOU find the spark that already exists and may have been lost along the way. I believe in YOU.