Wealth Screening Implementation

Leverage and maximize the data intelligence you have purchased

What do you do AFTER your screening data is delivered?  After the screening company presents the information? 

It can be daunting.  The first time I sat in on a wealth screening delivery I was a shiny new Annual Giving and Advancement Services director at an independent school.  The screening company had shared an amazing spreadsheet with columns of information about wealth and philanthropy and predictive modeling.  The consultant left and my boss turned to me and said, 

“You’ve got this, right?”

Ummmm…. Eventually I did get it and that was the moment I fell in love with data.  The screening company was kind enough to walk me through what things meant and how to implement.  They answered all of my questions.  I, in turn, have passed that implementation knowledge on to hundreds of clients over the past ten years.  We have used it to develop everything from campaign plans to Board reports that we were proud to share – with faith in the data. 

Results are not everything. What matters is how you use them.

When approaching wealth screening data, I not only look at what the data says, but what it doesn’t say – meaning, the information that we can glean from an organization’s database and overlay with amazing data from a screening provider.  How do I do that?

  • In depth review: what you were given, what you need, and what you have in your database
  • Overlay and prioritize - because you CANNOT do it all at once
  • Leverage the database by housing the information and developing reports

Each step of the process is collaborative among all members of the team.  It is not enough for a database manager to understand the information.  Directors, Board members and front line staff must all understand what they are looking at and, more importantly, how to leverage the information to create tangible results. 

Already screened?  Ready to screen?  Just kind of curious about a pathway?  Wherever you are, I can help you move forward.